4 Tips about Massage Methods for Facial Muscles to Combat Wrinkles

At the time a person gets old, his or her skin starts to lose its elasticity which can lead to sagging of the skin as well as wrinkles. Other factors that can cause wrinkles are sun damage and repetitive facial motions. Not all wrinkle remedies can be done by a surgeon’s scalpel or come from a bottle of cream. There is something you can do to combat facial wrinkles which do not require you to spend some of your money and there is no need for invasive procedure. Facial massage can help combat facial wrinkles, restore skin suppleness and firmness. According to Elle Canada, facial massage with the use of your fingers is a good way to stimulate circulation to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The following are the different methods of facial massage. You can choose a technique that works for you.Massage Facial Muscles to Combat Wrinkles

Circular Massage Method

According to the Massage therapy 101 website, you can do facial massage at home with the use of a few products at home. However, you need to clean your face and hands first so as to prevent bacteria and oil from entering to the pores. A moisturizer can be used as massage oil but if your skin is acne-prone, do not use products that contain oil because this can further lead to breakouts. Massage your face for at least 20 minutes using gentle, circular motions. Target commonly affected areas with wrinkles, like the cheeks, mouth and forehead.

Patting Method

An alternative form of facial massage is the “Patting Method” according to Monika Struna who is the author of “Self-massage,” and was interviewed on MotherNature.com, a website about health and wellness. In this procedure, you have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart then lean slightly forward while patting your face with the bottom side of your fingers. The right hand pats the right side of the face while the left hand pats the left side of the face. Continue massaging for 15-20 seconds to strengthen the skin.

Best Time for Massage

The Massage Therapy 101 stated that the best time to perform wrinkle-relieving facial massage is in the morning as you wake up. Circulation is reduced during sleeping that’s why facial massage is vital first thing in the morning to enhance circulation and to lessen the puffiness of the face due to water retention.


Doing facial massage regularly according to Elle Canada can boost circulation. This procedure brings nourishing blood to the skin which stimulates cell growth. Additionally, facial massage tightens the facial muscles and releases tension wherein you can see immediate results such as an increased radiance.

When you massage facial muscles to combat wrinkles, be very careful in massaging the face as the facial skin is more delicate than on the other areas of the body. Avoid the delicate under eye area. Use either a moisturizer or a lotion in massaging to help the fingers slide easily on the skin to prevent tearing and damage.