Knowing the Link between Neck Wrinkles and Glycerin

People lose skin elasticity as they age and this can cause the skin to sag and for wrinkles to develop. These fine lines can make them look old especially when mixed with the effects of gravity pulling down the skin gradually. This condition is more noticeable on the neck but there is a remedy for this already.  Glycerin-based cream is now available and can be applied directly on the neck to minimize the appearance of wrinkles in the said area.Neck Wrinkles and Glycerin

About Glycerin

Glycerin is described as a colorless and viscous liquid that can be dissolved in both water and alcohol. It was mentioned by the website of Pioneer Thinking that glycerin was first discovered from the soap making process in the year 1889. During that time, it is mainly used in the manufacture of dynamite.


Nowadays, glycerin is being used by so many different industries. They used it as an ingredient in many food items as it can be easily digested and at the same time non-toxic. Additionally, it is being used as an ingredient in drugs and cosmetics and in making greaseproof papers for packaging. Lastly, it is useful as lubricant most especially in times of the year with low temperature.


There are many changes that may happen in one’s life. It was indicated in the Mayo Clinic website that the skin too changes gradually during the aging process. The structure of the skin becomes thinner and the skin cells are divided more slowly. Fat cells in the middle layer of the skin get smaller, thus may reduce the skin’s ability to repair itself. On the other hand, collagen begins to break down in the deeper layer of the skin which can lead to loss of skin elasticity and suppleness. This time, lines begin to form between the eyebrows and at the eyes’ corners. The skin on the neck begins to loosen and may result to wrinkles too. The gradual effect of gravity can lead to sagging of the skin on the eyes, neck and jaw.


The Medical News Today mentions glycerin to be one of the common ingredients found in moisturizers and firming creams. Glycerin is known to absorb water from the air it can help replace the lost moisture in the skin. Dry skin is another reason for the development of wrinkles so bringing back the moisture it loses can prevent some of the effects of aging especially wrinkles.

Because glycerin draws water, do not apply it alone unto your skin since it can cause blistering. If you notice some allergic reactions of glycerin upon use, stop at once using glycerin-based product and consult your doctor.